Pentagon commander warns of 'alarming' number of drone incursions at US-Mexico border

Posted 30 days ago


Drone incursions on the United States' border with Mexico number in the "thousands," according to a senior Pentagon official.

Sen. Ted Budd, R-N. C., questioned Gens. Gregory M. Guillot and Laura J. Richardson at a Senate hearing Thursday, asking about the number of drones documented at the southern border and their risks to homeland security.

"The number of incursions was something that was alarming to me as I took command last month," Guillot told the senator. "I don't know the actual number – I don't think anybody does – but it's in the thousands."

He continued, "I've talked to Customs and Border Protection, who are responsible for the UAS incursions on the border, along with DOJ. And they put the number at thousands."

Budd pressed for what time frame Guillot was referencing in regard to the "thousands" of drone incursions.

Guillot responded, "I would say in probably over a month we could probably have over 1,000 a month."

The general went on to say that while he is alarmed at the number of incidents and sees the national security threat only growing, there has not yet been indications that they are a risk for homeland defense.... (Read more)