14 House Democrats Vote With GOP To Demand Biden Control The Border

Posted 30 days ago


A little more than a dozen House Democrats broke ranks and assisted Republicans in passing a resolution on Tuesday denouncing President Joe Biden‘s immigration policies and urging him to take action in lieu of a congressional fix.

Fourteen Democrats joined with all 212 voting Republicans in approving the resolution. Another 193 Democrats voted against the resolution. Thirteen members, including seven Republicans and six Democrats, did not vote.

Provisions in the resolution fault Biden and his administration for creating the “worst border security crisis in the Nation’s history” and paving the way for millions of illegal immigrants. It also lists a number of authorities Biden should use, such as ending catch-and-release and entering into asylum cooperative agreements, as the president defers to Congress for a solution.

“The current state of our nation’s border security is unsustainable,” said Rep. Monica De La Cruz (R-TX), who authored the resolution. “The policies put forth by the Biden administration have resulted in the worst border security crisis in our nation’s history, endangering our communities and straining our resources.”

Cruz said the resolution “underscores the urgent need for the Biden administration to take decisive action to address the crisis at our border.” She added, “We urge the administration to immediately begin utilizing the authorities available to them to regain control of the situation and protect the interests of the American people.”

The resolution is the latest in a series of measures designed to rebuke the Biden administration over its handling of the border crisis that have garnered bipartisan support.... (Read more)

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