Netanyahu defiant after Biden hot mic moment: 'We're not getting off the gas'

Posted 33 days ago


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back against President Biden's criticism of his handling of the war in Gaza while on "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

Netanyahu was reacting to a hot mic moment on the House floor after the State of the Union address, where Biden said Netanyahu and him would have a "come to Jesus" moment soon.

Biden then warned Israel on MSNBC that invading Rafah would be crossing a "red line." However, he quickly clarified that there was no "red line" where he would withdraw support for the U. S. ally.

On Monday, Netanyahu said he agreed with Biden about protecting innocent civilians, but would keep fighting Hamas until the end, despite the president's concerns.

"You have to ask him what he said because he said he agrees that we have to destroy Hamas as a fighting organization. That's what we intend to do. Look, it's either Israel or Hamas. There's no middle way," he told Fox News co-host Brian Kilmeade.

"I mean, we have to have that victory. We can't have three-quarters of a victory. We can't have two-thirds of a victory, because Hamas will reconstitute itself with these four battalions in Rafah, reconquer the Gaza Strip and do the October 7th massacre over and over and over again. And for us, for Israel, not merely for me, but for the people of Israel, that's a red line. We can't let Hamas survive," he continued.

Co-host Lawrence Jones asked Netanyahu if Biden's "red line" comments or calls for a cease-fire had "fractured" the U. S. relationship with Israel and if the country was being "pressured" to pull back its attacks against Hamas.

"I'm telling you that we're not getting off the gas," Netanyahu responded.

The U. S. and Israel had "disagreements" over how to defeat Hamas, he explained, but as Israel's leader, his first priority was protecting his country's security and future.... (Read more)