Texas GOP Primaries See Surge for School Choice Advocates

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Posted 37 days ago

In the recent Republican primaries in Texas, candidates who support school choice emerged victorious, with a majority of Republican primary voters also showing support for school choice. Governor Greg Abbott played a significant role in endorsing and campaigning for pro-school choice candidates, leading to wins for most of his supported candidates and forcing some incumbent Republicans who opposed school choice into runoff elections.

The American Federation for Children’s PAC labeled this election as the largest political shift towards school choice in Texas history. They emphasized that voters have made clear their preference for school choice and will hold legislators accountable for their stance on this issue.

Several incumbent state House Republicans who were perceived as anti-school choice lost their primary elections, while others were pushed into runoff elections. Abbott endorsed various candidates in support of school choice, and the upcoming runoff election is expected to further determine the stance on this critical education issue.

Source: Just the News

Source: justthenews.com