NY Gov Deploys National Guard to Tackle Subway Crime Surge

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Posted 38 days ago

The new Democratic governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, has enlisted the state National Guard to assist the police in addressing the surge in crime within New York City's subway system. Hochul's plan involves deploying 750 National Guard members for bag searches at key subway entrances, aiming to deter individuals from carrying weapons on public transportation. The governor's strategy also includes provisions like banning subway assailants from trains for three years, enhancing subway outreach programs, and increasing cooperation with district attorneys to combat repeat offenders.

In response to the escalating crime rates in the subway, Mayor Eric Adams revealed plans to bolster police presence underground. The spike in criminal activities has been alarming, with notable incidents including homicides, assaults, and robberies in various subway locations. These unfolding events have sparked concerns over public safety within the city's mass transit network.

It is worth noting that the information for this article was sourced from Fox News Digital’s Michael Dorgan and The Associated Press.

(Source: Fox News)

Source: foxnews.com