Maine official appeals her removal of Trump from voting ballots to state's top court

Posted 37 days ago


The Secretary of State in Maine is appealing to the state's top court in her case aiming to keep former President Donald Trump off the ballot.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows announced Friday an appeal to the state's Supreme Judicial Court, asking for a ruling on her previous decision to remove Trump from the ballot.

"Like many Americans, I welcome a ruling from the U. S. Supreme Court in the Colorado case that provides guidance as to the important Fourteenth Amendment questions in this case," Bellows said.

Trump appealed Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows' ruling earlier this month, but the court on Wednesday said it will not consider the matter until the high court issues its own decision in a related case out of Colorado, saying it would be "imprudent" for the court to rule on it before then.

But Bellows is asking Maine's top court to preemptively rule on the legality of disqualifying the former president beforehand.

"In the interim, Maine law provides the opportunity to seek review from the Maine Supreme Judicial Court – which I requested today. I know both the constitutional and state authority questions are of grave concern to many," Bellows said of her continued efforts.... (Read more)