Officer warns teens they 'can get shot' if they participate in TikTok trend causing 'distress for residents'

Posted 39 days ago


Police in Texas say a social media challenge teenagers are participating in "is causing both physical and emotional distress for residents of all ages."

Friendswood Police Department said they have received reports from victims of the "viral TikTok Door Knock challenge which encourages individuals to bang or kick doors in the middle of the night in an effort to startle residents."

Doorbell camera videos posted to the department's Facebook page show teens running through neighborhoods in the middle of the night, with one even using a 5-gallon water jug to bang on a home's front door.

"I would tell them stop it before they get hurt, or they hurt somebody. Please don't do this. It's wrong. It's very wrong," 77-year-old victim Gwen told FOX 26 Houston. "It was scary. It was frightening. It was terrifying."... (Read more)