Biden campaign split between Delaware and White House, worrying allies: 'Everybody's nervous'

Posted 41 days ago


President Biden's campaign advisers are splitting their time between Wilmington, Delaware and the White House, causing some donors and political strategists to worry about Biden's chances in 2024, according to a new report.

"Less than a year before Election Day," The New York Times reported in a story published Sunday, "the president has a campaign with two distinct centers of gravity, advisers juggling two jobs at once, and months of internal debate about when to consolidate everyone in one place."

Matt Bennett, co-founder of the think tank Third Way, said that the risk of Biden division and a Trump victory was a "collapse" of the U. S.

"Everybody’s nervous," he said, "and the downside risk isn’t that Mitt Romney becomes president. It’s that the republic collapses, and so people are really scared."

Biden donor John Morgan said that donors and strategists are constantly bothering the campaign with advice because they're also concerned about Biden's chances at winning.

"That’s why you hear so much, you know, back-seat driving," Morgan said. "Because we all think we have the answer. And, you know, the campaign gets sick of hearing from donors and political operatives and so-called experts."

Morgan and other Biden supporters that spoke with The Times also said they were especially concerned about polls showing former President Trump beating out Biden in a potential 2024 rematch.... (Read more)