Blackburn cheers Harvard President Gay's resignation: 'She should have done it sooner'

Posted 54 days ago


Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn weighed in on Harvard President Claudine Gay's resignation from her post Tuesday, saying it was long overdue.

Gay resigned as Harvard University president amid plagiarism allegations and her and other Ivy League presidents' recent disastrous testimony at a congressional hearing about the antisemitism scandals plaguing their respective campuses.

During a phone interview Tuesday with Fox News Digital, Blackburn said Gay's resignation was "appropriate."

"It is appropriate that she stepped down from her post," Blackburn said. "She should have done it sooner."

"I give the House committee a lot of credit for the way they conducted that hearing and the results that it has brought forward," the Tennessee senator continued.

"There is no place for antisemitism on our nation's college campuses or in this country," she added.

Fox News Digital reached out to Harvard University for comment.... (Read more)