Xi says China must fight ‘escalating oppression’ from West with ‘diplomatic iron army’

Posted 57 days ago


General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping continued his harsh rhetoric on international diplomacy this week, urging the nation's envoys to form a "diplomatic iron army."

Speaking Friday at a gathering of Chinese diplomats and ambassadors in Beijing, Xi took a militant tone as he urged the ministers to keep China's development foremost in their mind and safeguard national interests against encroaching Western powers.

"It is necessary to […] resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, with an attitude of readiness to fight and a firm will to defy strong powers," Xi said, according to state-owned news outlet Xinhua.

Xi lamented what he called "escalating oppression and containment of China by external forces" in his speech, urging Chinese diplomats to "put discipline and rules first" to "build a diplomatic iron army loyal to the party, brave in taking responsibilities, daring to fight and being good at fighting."

The notably defense-minded rhetoric comes just a day after his speech at the nation's Central Conference on Foreign Affairs Work, where he boasted of increasingly Chinese cultural power domestically and abroad.... (Read more)