Tim Ryan calls on Biden to quit 2024 presidential race: ‘It would be the right thing to do’

Posted 22 days ago


Former U. S. House Democrat Tim Ryan has called on President Biden to drop out of the 2024 U.S. presidential race.

On Monday, CNN's "State of the Race" host Kasie Hunt asked Ryan if Democrats would regret not putting any serious primary challengers up against the president.

"Look, I've said this, Kasie—this is not breaking news. I don't think the president should run," Ryan said. "I don't think Trump should run; I don't think President Biden should run."

Ryan suggested that there is talent in the Democratic Party and some leaders in the Republican Party willing to take on Trump that should be considered for next year's election.

He added that Biden dropping out of the race would be "the right thing to do" so that he could focus his efforts fully on Ukraine, the Middle East, inequality, and inflation. By turning his attention to those issues instead of the upcoming election, Ryan said Biden could allow new candidates to emerge.

Such a pivot, Ryan suggested, would force the hands of Republicans to move away from Trump, noting that a recent poll found that a generic Democrat would beat the former president 55-45.

"I don't mean to be so frank. I love Joe Biden. He's done a great service to this country. He saved this country by beating Donald Trump. But now it's time for us to just take the next step," Ryan continued.

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