Thousands of anti-Israel protesters descend on White House praising Hamas, slamming 'genocide Joe'

Posted 22 days ago


Tens of thousands of anti-Israel protesters descended on the White House over the weekend, demanding a cease-fire amid the war against Hamas as they refused to denounce the terrorist organization for its civilian-targeted brutality.

Correspondent Griff Jenkins reported that ANSWER Coalition, an anti-war and anti-racism organization, bussed thousands of people into Washington, D. C., to participate in the pro-Palestinian demonstrations from cities like New York, Tampa, Boston and Cleveland.

"Genocide Joe needs to halt his actions immediately and realize that he's going to face massive opposition from Democrat voters next election," one protester told Jenkins over the weekend.

"He is. His hands are red with blood. They're soaked in blood, the blood of the children, the innocent children of Palestine," he responded.

"This is not Israel. This is Palestine. This is our ancestral homeland," another protester said.

"Do you support Israel to exist or are you saying get rid of Israel together?" Jenkins asked another.

"Get rid of it," he quickly responded.

Jenkins spoke with many angry protesters over the weekend who refused to condemn Hamas and denounced the existence of Israel entirely.

He said there could have been as many as 100,000 protesters in attendance, while the organization claims there were 300,000 who marched in favor of Hamas and the annihilation of the Jewish state.... (Read more)