Robert De Niro's ex-top assistant slams actor for abusive behavior with 'creepy' back-scratching requests

Posted 25 days ago


As new details emerge in Robert De Niro's employee discrimination trial, his former assistant is accusing the actor of abusive behavior.

Graham Chase Robinson has alleged the actor repeatedly made inappropriate requests including asking her to scratch his back several times.

"I had mentioned that there was a back scratcher he could use instead," Robinson, 41, insisted, according to the court transcript. "He said he preferred the way that I scratched his back."

After she mentioned that he had asked her to scratch his back on multiple occasions, Robinson recalled De Niro saying, "I like the way that you do it."

She added she found the alleged abusive behavior "creepy" and "disgusting."

Robinson, who worked for De Niro for 11 years until 2019, and the 80-year-old "Flowers of the Killer Moon" star are in court over the assistant's civil lawsuit accusing the Oscar winner of gender discrimination during her employment at his production company, Canal Productions.

Robinson has alleged that the actor was repeatedly "screaming and yelling" at her in addition to overworking and underpaying her, in a $12 million lawsuit. She noted her attempts to leave his company multiple times. De Niro is also suing Robinson, accusing her of charging personal expenses to his company.

"Bob was incredibly angry. At one point, I just sort of broke down into tears, and I had to go into another room to compose myself, the way that he was screaming and yelling and cursing at me about wanting to leave him," Robinson continued.

"At one point, he said that if I left him without giving him what he thought was two-year notice, that he would give me a bad recommendation."... (Read more)