Pro-Palestinian protesters in California block U.S. government ship: 'Joe Biden, you can't hide'

Posted 25 days ago


Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, angered by U. S. support of Israel, trespassed at the Port of Oakland in California and blocked a U.S. government ship.

According to KTVU, approximately 200 protesters with the Arab Resource and Organizing Center gathered close to The Cape Orlando, a merchant marine ship managed by the Department of Transportation, at around 8 a.m. on Friday morning.

A couple of hundred more protesters gathered at the gate after port security closed the entryway, the outlet said.

CBS News reported that three protesters held on to a rope ladder and refused to let workers close one of the ship's doors.

One social media post shows protesters chanting "Joe Biden you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!"

Demonstrators were seen waving Palestinian flags and holding banners reading, "Biden, Pelosi: Don't Aid and Abet War Crimes, Ceasefire!"

Another banner read, "No U. S. Military Aid to Israel."

According to the report, a negotiator with the U. S. Coast Guard failed at attempting to get the protesters off the ship.... (Read more)