DeSantis deactivates Students for Justice in Palestine; says giving 'material support for terror' is illegal

Posted 30 days ago


Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested that some of the activities of pro-Palestinian student groups may be violating federal law. The governor added that in response to Students for Justice's support for the Palestinians in the wake of the attack on Israel, he is going to "deactivate" the group in his state.

Pro-Hamas protests have cropped up in urban areas across the country, from large cities like New York and Washington to places like Allentown, Pa., where Muslim activists rallied this week at a monument dedicated to Pennsylvania's Civil War volunteers to declare purported "Gaza genocide" at the hands of Israel.

However, across Europe there have been prohibitions on such activity, including in Germany, where police reportedly cracked down on a pro-Palestinian demonstration near Berlin's Brandenburg Gate this week.

In Florida, DeSantis said he has tried to curb the activities of groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, telling FOX News he ordered the states' universities to disband chapters on their campuses.

"If you look at how Florida's universities respond to this for our college presidents, you didn't see them behave like Harvard president and [officials at the University of Pennsylvania]. They put out a very clear statement saying that what Hamas did was barbaric, that we stand with Israel and that we are going to make sure that our Jewish students are able to … be protected on our campuses," he said.

DeSantis called the pro-Palestinian student group "very radical" and claimed some involved don't delineate themselves from the governing terrorist group Hamas itself.... (Read more)