Ted Cruz demands action from Mayorkas over threats to Border Patrol agents: 'Cartels are emboldened'

Posted 34 days ago


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is urging Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to provide more information, and take additional action, to combat threats against Border Patrol agents - which he attributed to "emboldened" cartels at the southern border.

"As you are no doubt aware, your primary mission as Secretary is to secure the United States from threats, a task that can only be accomplished through the efforts of dedicated officers and agents who put their safety at risk on a daily basis," Cruz said in a letter to Mayorkas. "While there are numerous threats to our national security, few compare to the danger posed by our open southern border."

Cruz noted House testimony from the DHS chief in July in which he said that agents at the border "perform bravely despite public attacks on their character and service; despite unfair and inadequate pay; and despite, as frontline agents repeatedly tell me, threats made against them and their families."

Cruz then cited reports of text messages in El Paso, Texas, that solicited personal information - including family information - of Border Patrol agents, including a pledge to torture them and post it online.

Fox has not confirmed those reports, but Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told Fox News Digital that it "takes all threats, including those directed towards agents and their families, very seriously."

"While counter-measures are law enforcement sensitive, we deploy necessary precautions accordingly," the statement said.

Cruz links the threats to the policies of the Biden administration, claiming that the cartels "are emboldened by your failure of leadership at the border, and not without good reason." He cited increased cartel profits, an increase of fentanyl to the border and more releases of migrants into the interior - as well as record numbers of "gotaways."

"And now, as this recent safety alert indicates, the violence against law enforcement and public officials that has long plagued Mexico now appears to be gaining a foothold in the United States," he said.... (Read more)