Oklahoma's Textbook Showdown: Publishers Pull Out Amid State's Rigorous Review Process

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Posted 34 days ago

Eight textbook publishers, including some pretty big names, decided to pull their books from consideration in Oklahoma schools. Why? Well, there's this upcoming vote by the state's textbook committee and it seems like these publishers weren't too keen on the extra scrutiny.

Now, Oklahoma is known for having pretty strict standards when it comes to reviewing classroom content. They've got this law from 2020 that adds an extra layer of review by experts before a textbook gets the green light. They want to make sure the books are top-notch and don’t have any questionable content. This comes after some controversies in the state, like explicit books in school libraries and a drag queen as an elementary school principal.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters is the guy leading the charge to shake up the education system in Oklahoma. Some folks are all for it, while others, not so much. He’s been pretty vocal about cutting out what he calls “woke indoctrination” from schools. So this textbook adoption process? It’s not business as usual. They're being extra thorough this time around.

Now, McGraw Hill is one of the publishers that caught some flack, especially from parents. Some folks are saying that their elementary math textbooks are mixing in social-emotional learning concepts, and they're not happy about it. They think these concepts have no place in math and are pushing a far-left agenda. McGraw Hill, on the other hand, is defending their textbooks, saying they're all about encouraging kids to think mathematically and work well with others.

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