Elon Musk says progressive LA school has turned daughter into 'communist' who thinks 'anyone rich is evil'

Posted 33 days ago


Tesla CEO and owner of X Elon Musk says that his daughter's so-called progressive Los Angeles school has turned her into a communist who hates her father for being rich.

He made the comments in Walter Isaacson's upcoming biography titled "Elon Musk." An excerpt of the biography was published in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, where he partially blames the Los Angeles private school, Crossroads, for the relationship he has with his child.

The biography states that Musk's "anti-woke" beliefs partially come from the decision of his oldest child who transitioned from Xavier to Jenna at age 16.

"Hey, I’m transgender, and my name is now Jenna," Musk's child texted the wife of Musk's brother.

"Don’t tell my dad," the child said.

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