Riley Gaines blasts lawmaker over 'trophy' jab after Nebraska speech: 'Imagine missing the point this much'

Posted 35 days ago


Riley Gaines responded to a social media post from a Nebraska state lawmaker on Monday who criticized the former NCAA swim star over her speech about fairness in women’s sports.

Gaines spoke at an event organized by Patriot Productions, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. She appeared with Cornhuskers softball player Jordy Bahl, Gov. Jim Pillen, U. S. Sen. Pete Ricketts and state Sen. Kathleen Kauth. The state lawmaker introduced a bill to keep transgender athletes from participating in sports against the gender they identify as along with a bathroom and locker room component.

Sen. Megan Hunt, I-Omaha, offered her take on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"It can be hard, when we're young, to not win a trophy sometimes. But we grow up and realize it’s not the end of the world and we don't need to turn that loss into our entire personality," Hunt wrote in response to the Lincoln Journal Star’s post.

Gaines, who is the host of OutKick’s "Gaines for Girls Podcast," responded to Hunt’s critique.

"Imagine missing the point this much lol," she wrote.

"It's not about the trophy & never has been. That trophy is meaningless & devalued entirely. It's about the message it sends to us. & it's the same message you're sending... that we don't matter.

"Nebraska girls deserve better than you."

Hunt didn’t respond to Gaines but posted a response to a separate X user who said, "This is extremely disrespectful and reveals you as either an actual idiot or someone who is prepared to make herself look that way in service of her belief system. Women and girls' sports are to celebrate female excellence, not to give mediocre men something to do."... (Read more)