Anne Arundel family mourns death of father beaten after incident at child's school: 'A friend to everybody'

Posted 13 days ago


BALTIMORE -- An Anne Arundel County father was beaten to death last week in front of his home, all after a confrontation started at his child's school.

Christopher Wright, 43, was allegedly attacked last Friday by three or four men who were described as men in their mid-20s to mid-30s, investigators said.

Police said the men went to Wright's home on Arundel Road West in Brooklyn Friday after an earlier confrontation that involved one of his children at Brooklyn Park Middle School.

Wright's family told WJZ he was beaten as retaliation for the earlier incident.

Wright died at the hospital the next day.

Tracy Karopchinsky told WJZ she had been with Wright for 5 years, and engaged for eight.

She said "the world lost a light" when Wright died.

Karopchinsky told WJZ that she and Wright started off as co-workers.

But their relationship soon turned into something more.

"One Friday, the next Friday, he asked, can we have a beer together after work? I said well if it's Friday, I guess if I'm drinking a beer and you're drinking a beer, we'll have a beer together, and we've been together ever since," Karopchinsky said.

Karopchinsky said they grew a family together and always talked about getting married.... (Read more)