North Carolina family of 10 finds stolen U-haul truck ransacked in Atlanta

Posted 16 days ago


A North Carolina couple says they have no choice but to start over after a U-Haul truck they reported stolen earlier this week was found ransacked more than 20 miles from where it was taken in Gwinnett County. Now police in Gwinnett are looking for the perpetrators.

The wife and mom of eight says her family’s recent move to Atlanta came with anything but a warm welcome.

"I just was relocating from Raleigh, North Carolina," Sanon explained. "[I] got an opportunity at a new job, and so we moved all of our things into a 26-foot U-Haul truck."

Within days of their arrival, that truck containing everything they owned was stolen from the parking lot of their hotel on Pleasant Hill Road.

"Friday morning, my husband came to get some stuff out of the truck, and it was gone. It was just gone," Sanon said. "Birth certificates, social security numbers, everything you know you would keep within your home was in there … just gone."... (Read more)