NYC mayor’s plan to stop shoplifting by putting ‘social service kiosks’ in stores annihilated by critics

Posted 17 days ago


Conservatives on social media ridiculed New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ new proposal to combat shoplifting and crime at retail stores throughout the city.

The Democrat mayor’s plan, laid out in bullet point format during a local Fox 5 broadcast, included providing "De-escalation training for retail employees," and putting kiosks in stores that connect "would-be thieves" to social service.

Twitter users mocked the mayor for his soft, unrealistic plan that seemed no harsher than putting unruly children in a "time out corner," as one described. Others argued that the mayor’s plan would make the city more "dangerous" than it has already become.

Conservative Twitter influencer @AGHamiltion29 shared a screenshot of the Fox affiliate’s outline of the mayor’s proposal Friday. According to it, Adam’s plan would implement four key actions: "Give first-time offenders intervention programs instead of prosecution," provide "de-escalation training for retail employees," "establish neighborhood retail watch groups to share theft info," and "install kiosks in stores to connect would-be thieves w/ social service programs."

AG trashed the plan, simply declaring, "These are not serious people."

Others on the platform shared the user’s sentiment. Some, like The Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller, called it a glorified version of the defund the police initiative.

Seeing as there was no serious crackdown or punishment implemented in the plan, Miller tweeted, "Anything but police is still Defunding the police."... (Read more)