Bud Light mocked for $20 rebate on $19.98 case of beer: ‘They’re giving it away’

Posted 17 days ago


A Bud Light seller apparently stuck with too many cases of the unsold brew in the wake of the company’s Dylan Mulvaney fiasco is offering $20 rebates on purchases of a $19.98 case of beer.

A photo posted to social media shows stacks of 24-can cases of Bud Light with a promo taped to them touting a full rebate from the unidentified beer vendor

“Things can’t be going great if they’re basically giving it away,” Twitter user Ed Latimore wrote.

“You’re making two cents profit per case when you buy Bud Light,” another Twitter user observed.

“And there’s still plenty on the shelf. They can’t even give people money to take it off their hands!”

Sales of Bud Light, the nation’s perennial top-selling beer, have tanked following calls for a boycott of the Anheuser-Busch brand in the wake of its controversial partnership with the transgender influencer on April 1.

Nationwide retail sales of the brand were down 23.6% versus a year ago in the week ending May 6 — its fifth straight week of declines, according to Bump Williams Consulting and NielsenIQ data.... (Read more)

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