Kevin McCarthy torches Dems for skipping border hearing: Hiding from a crisis they created

Posted 9 days ago


The speaker of the House said Friday that Democrats can't face what is really happening at the southern border after the rival party skipped a Republican-led House hearing in South Texas.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., joined "Fox & Friends" to react to the crisis at the southern border and how Republicans are pushing for solutions without help from Democrats.

"This is the problem that is happening, and the Democrats won't even do something about it. But the worse case is they ignore it and try to hide from it because they know what they created."

Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee said they would attend Wednesday morning's in-person field hearing at the southern border -- even going so far as to book their travel and call a witness -- before pulling out of the hearing earlier this week, a GOP spokesperson told Fox News.

McCarthy said he is "shocked and enraged" with Democrats because "Americans are dying."

"Think of the number, of 300 just in fentanyl. That's the equivalent of an airline crashing every single day in this country. And they won't even show up to get the news."

McCarthy said the reason that the hearings take place at the border is so Democrats no longer have an excuse to ignore the crisis.

"We've actually heard the truth from the border agents that, no, we do not have operational control. That number is just last month, there are 16 people on the terrorist watch list. That's more than the entire four years under President Trump."... (Read more)