Hunter Biden art dealer investigation intensifies

Posted 10 days ago


A congressional committee is tightening the screws on Hunter Biden’s art dealer to turn over information about who bought the president’s son’s art — and how much they paid.

In a second letter sent to William Pittard — the lawyer for Biden’s Manhattan-based art dealer, Georges Berges — the Committee on Oversight and Accountability is pushing once again for details on collectors who ponied up for Hunter’s six-figure art.

“Given Hunter’s history of suspicious activity, it is deeply concerning that the President’s son continues to sell his amateurish work to anonymous purchasers for sky-high prices,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky), who heads the committee, told The Post via email.

The Post has seen the March 13 letter, which states that the committee “seeks information about the unidentified purchasers of Mr. Biden’s artwork and the non-public agreement with the White House concerning the same.”

The letter references the prices, from $75,000 to $500,000, and explained that “the Treasury Department studied the use of high-end art as a means to launder money along with other potential illicit transactions.”

According to the letter, details related to sales of Biden’s paintings are “critical to our investigation.” (The President’s son is not being accused of money laundering.)

“Foreign adversaries, including China, have used sham art sales to launder money and evade sanctions imposed by the United States,” said Comer. “Hunter’s art dealer, Georges Berges, now seems to be running cover for Hunter Biden and is obstructing the Committee’s effort to obtain information on who is buying Hunter’s art work.”... (Read more)