PETA tells Jill Biden to stop using 'chicken eggs' for Easter Egg Roll: Use 'lovely painted rocks' instead

Posted 11 days ago


Animal rights group PETA is calling on the White House to refrain from using "real chicken eggs" for the White House Easter Egg Roll this year.

The White House is holding its annual Easter Egg Roll on April 10, its first celebration after the event was paused for two years due to COVID concerns.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk suggested that the White House could "choose instead reusable plastic or wooden eggs — or even lovely painted rocks or egg-shaped balls" — instead of the traditional chicken eggs.

PETA's recent letter, addressed to First Lady Jill Biden, was chock-full of egg-themed puns, including calling the event an "eggstra special" one for "chickens and inclusive of all children who attend including those who don’t consume eggs for ethical, environmental, or health reasons."

Newkirk also referenced high egg prices in her letter, blaming the avian flu outbreak.

"We hope you’ll agree that while families are shelling out nearly 70% more for eggs amid the deadliest avian flu outbreak on record, now is a hopping good time to hatch an Easter tradition that is kind and doesn’t prop up the cruel egg industry," she noted.

The President of PETA also argued that Jill Biden, who received a Ph. D. in education, would understand that Americans should learn how "smart" and "sensitive" chickens are because she is "an educator."

"As an educator, you understand that we want Americans of all ages to consider who animals are, what makes them tick, and how they feel. Chickens are smart, sensitive animals who feel pain and empathy; have distinct personalities; and at just a few days old, can count and perform basic addition and subtraction."... (Read more)