House Republican calls for defunding Homeland Security department

Posted 6 days ago


House Republicans haven’t formally unveiled a budget plan yet, but the new GOP majority did show members a slideshow presentation this week, sketching out some bullet points on the party’s priorities. For those who take public services and arithmetic seriously, the news wasn’t encouraging.

Evidently, House Republicans want to, among other things, cap federal spending at fiscal 2022 levels and eliminate deficits altogether within the decade. The presentation came less than a day after those same GOP members voted to increase the deficit by $114 billion — which reminded me of people who say they’re going to get serious about losing weight, just as soon as they finish a box of doughnuts.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that the new Republican majority has some dramatic cuts in mind, some of which, as a mathematical matter, would have to include deep cuts to social insurance programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

As for other shifts in federal spending, Business Insider noted this week that a prominent House Republican is also on board with defunding the Department of Homeland Security.

“[I]t’s time right now for the House majority to do our job and we’re going to have to stop funding a Department of Homeland Security that refuses to secure the border of the United States,” Roy said during remarks on the House floor.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Congress will not, in fact, “stop funding” the Department of Homeland Security, though impeaching its leader appears to be a more likely scenario.

Roy’s rhetoric, however, did spark some worthwhile discussion about what else the new GOP majority might want to defund.

Stripping the Internal Revenue Service of key resources is obviously a top Republican priority, and some GOP officials are on record endorsing defunding the FBI. But even more provocative is talk in Republican circles about possibly cutting funds for the military.... (Read more)