Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating is in...it's Horrible

Posted 7 days ago


President Joe Biden’s public approval rating is at 40 percent, which is nearing the lowest level of his presidency, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The 40 percent comes from a three-day national Reuters/Ipsos poll that closed Sunday, with 1,035 adults and a three percent margin of error.

Biden’s recent poll comes after weeks of controversy and receiving criticism over the mishandling of classified documents.

Reports showed about 25 documents were found between Biden’s vice-presidential office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, which is within close proximity to Capitol Hill, in addition to other places such as his home in Delaware.

The recent poll numbers are nearing the lowest approval levels (the mid to high 30s) he saw in the middle of last year.


Many Democrats are concerned Biden’s sinking polling numbers “will lead to a thrashing at the ballot box.” https://t.co/SMjvRHtDOg

During the first two years of his presidency, the president had numerous bad poll numbers after overcoming several problems. Some of the problems Biden saw in the first half of his presidency included the country going through a major supply chain crisis, a baby formula shortage, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and record-high inflation. The country also saw record-high gas prices in 2022.... (Read more)