Sharon Osbourne claims defense of Piers Morgan led to blacklisting in America

Posted 74 days ago


Almost two years after she was dropped from CBS' "The Talk," Sharon Osbourne told ITV her defense of Piers Morgan in the Meghan Markle saga led to her being canceled and "blacklisted" in America.

"They say there isn't blacklisting in America, but I'm living proof that there is," Osbourne said on ITV's "This Morning" Monday. "Not that I'm resentful or whatever. It's just a fact of life. It happens, doesn't it?"

Osbourne advocated for "Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan in March 2021 after "The Talk" panel blasted his opinions on Meghan Markle's Oprah interview as racist and sexist.

"I got threats and things like that… It's like I can look at myself in the mirror, and I know I can talk and I'm loud and I know that about myself," she said on "The Morning" Monday. "But I've never spoken with hate and I stick up for my friends and that's what I was doing. I know who I am."

What began as the defense of a friend escalated into a heated discussion between Osbourne and host Sheryl Underwood. As a result of the exchange, Osbourne lost her job on "The Talk."

"Piers [Morgan] felt that Meghan was making up stories. He was branded a racist. And because I supported him, I was branded a racist," Osbourne recently said in the Fox Nation special "Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back."

But losing her job was only the beginning of the backlash she'd received.

Osbourne argued critics across social media canceled her because she stood by Morgan. She also said she'd received numerous death threats, prompting her to hire 24-hour security.

Though Osbourne said she was reluctant to return to the spotlight, she has since started a career with "TalkTV," as well as helming the multi-part series on Fox Nation that released last September. She also announced her plans to return to the U. K.

"I can't get arrested in America," she said. "It went wrong. It went very, very wrong."

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