Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Calls Out MSNBC for Painting Her as a "White Supremacist" in "Bogus Hit Piece"

Posted 69 days ago


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., hit back at MSNBC on Sunday over what she called a "hit piece" that she argued tried to paint her as a "white supremacist."

Luna quoted a column, written by MSNBC opinion columnist Julio Ricardo Varela, in a tweet and said it was pushing a "twisted lie."

"'It’s important that we journalists avoid placing too much emphasis on a representative of Mexican descent who’s signed on to a political movement that began with the demonization of Mexicans," he wrote in the piece.

Edie Heipel, a member of Luna's communications team, posted a screenshot of her email after searching an NBC universal email to see if the writer had reached out for comment.

"When @MSNBC publishes a bogus hit piece on @realannapaulina and you check to see if they reached out for comment like responsible journalists…," Heipel wrote.

"Wow. @MSNBC is really trying to paint me as a white supremacist?" Luna wrote in another tweet. "Honestly I'm pretty sick of left leaning media focusing so much on my race. It's sad to see how triggered the left is over the fact that I'm conservative."... (Read more)