Gavin Newsom's Claim That California is the "True Freedom State" Draws Criticism Over Gun Restrictions, and COVID-19 Policies

Posted 69 days ago


California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, came under fire for a Friday tweet heralding the Golden State as the "true freedom state," with some Twitter users not only lambasting him for his claim, but also for his lackluster leadership.

"California is the true freedom state. Protecting liberty from a rising tide of oppression taking root in statehouses. Weakness, masquerading as strength. Small men in big offices. Freedom is who we are – anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything here," Newsom wrote, quoting a corresponding video of himself speaking during his second term inauguration.

Critics jumped at Newsom's claim, calling out alleged drug user enablement, firearm restrictions, restrictive COVID-19 policies and more.

"Hi, New Hampshire resident here. I don’t pay income tax to my state, I don’t need permission to carry a firearm, I can collect rain water, and we have way less crime. We’re The Free State, thank you very much," singer Phil Labonte responded.

Film producer and cinematographer Errol Webber ripped Newsom over "harm reduction centers" in the Golden State, attaching a video alleging San Francisco officials gives away free bags of needles and paraphernalia to drug addicts.

"This is California under @GavinNewsom," he added.

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller shared side-by-side images of Newsom's praise for California and a screenshot of a November 2020 Politico article outing him for attending a luxurious dinner party while urging state residents to refrain from gathering with their families during the holiday season.... (Read more)