Residents Of Chicago’s Woodlawn Neighborhood Protest Shelter For Migrants

Posted 70 days ago


Residents of a Chicago neighborhood protested preparations to establish a migrant shelter inside a closed-down elementary school, allegedly without the locals’ permission.

A group of Woodlawn residents gathered Thursday morning to insist the community provide resources for locals rather than the migrants, the Chicago Tribune reported. The city reportedly plans to convert Wadsworth Elementary School into housing for migrants relocated to the city.

“I’m here because I am a child of Woodlawn … and I’m speaking on behalf of the people that are here and the one’s that’s [sic] not here,” one resident said, according to video footage from the gathering. “We are very disappointed in this decision that Mayor Lightfoot has made to place these migrants in our community without our permission. Mayor Lightfoot would never pull this type of thing in anyone’s neighborhood. She would not drop off a busload of Haitians in Little Village. She would not drop off a busload of black people in Chinatown. She would not drop off a busload of black people up north.”

The resident asked Lightfoot to “please withdraw your decision to put the migrants in our community.” Ald. Jeanette Taylor told the Tribune the locals’ dissent came from concerns about the lack of resources in Woodlawn, rather than an opposition to the migrants themselves.

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