Biden boards Air Force One for first trip to border since becoming president

Posted 70 days ago


President Biden took off from Joint Base Andrews aboard Air Force One on Sunday morning for his trip to El Paso, Texas, his first visit to the southern border since taking office two years ago.

Biden, 80, who is said to be “all in” on a reelection run in 2024 and is expected to announce his intentions in a couple of weeks, has been roundly criticized for his failure to control the number of migrants crossing the border into the US and for repealing a number of programs begun by former President Donald Trump that led to the escalation.

The president’s arrival at the border comes as US Border Patrol agents say they are “beyond frustrated” with the ongoing situation and dismiss his first visit to the region as too little, too late.

Biden is slated to spend part of Sunday in El Paso, where he will get a first-hand look at the immigration crisis and meet with local and border patrol officials, before heading to Mexico City where he will take part in a summit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudea and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.... (Read more)