U.S. Congress tax panel chief backs requiring presidents to make tax returns public

Posted 59 days ago


WASHINGTON, Dec 1 (Reuters) - The chairman of the U. S. Congress committee that has been given access to Donald Trump's tax returns on Thursday said he supported legislation requiring future presidents to make such information public.

"I think it would be fair to say that it would be a good idea for presidents down the road to be required to release their tax returns," House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal told reporters.

Neal added that he did not know whether U. S. presidential candidates should be included in such a requirement.

Former President Trump, unlike his predecessors over the past several decades, has refused to voluntarily make his tax filings public, saying that they were under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Neal spoke to reporters following a closed-door meeting with committee Democrats to review the complex legal and confidentiality constraints on the committee as it reviews and processes Trump's tax returns and those of his businesses spanning 2015 to 2020. The panel wants to review the auditing process of those documents.... (Read more)