Fury After UK School Teaches 8-Year-Old Daughter About Masturbation

Posted 60 days ago


A mother in the UK has lashed out at a UK school after it reportedly taught her 8-year-old daughter about male masturbation.

Coleshill Primary School in the UK city of Birmingham is said to have shown its Year 4 (3rd Grade) pupils an online cartoon about male puberty covering the topics of erections, being “horny” and masturbation.

The decision has reportedly provoked the ire of parents, with one mother expressing her fury at the school for showing her 8-year-old daughter the video.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the woman said that her daughter was left feeling distressed after seeing the video, which was reportedly produced by American-based sexual education organisation AMAZE org.

The video — titled Top Signs Boys are in Puberty — discusses the changes young men go through in their teenage years, with the production briefly touching on wet dreams, spontaneous erections, masturbation as well as the feeling of being “horny”.

“I am very angry about this because I don’t want my eight-year-old daughter being taught about masturbation and wet dreams,” the irate parent reportedly said. “It is far too young”

Fearing that her position on the topic may be “old-fashioned”, the mother is then said to have approached other parents, many of whom reportedly echoed her views.

“I didn’t know if I was being old-fashioned, and I spoke to other parents who felt exactly the same way,” she said. “More so the dads. They were the angriest of all.”

“They are too young,” she repeated. “Let them be children because once they know about it, they will start experimenting.”

Commenting on the controversy, the school’s principal, Matthew Edwards, has said that the video has now been removed from the Year 4 course, saying that the few seconds spent on the issue of masturbation within the three-minute video was not meant to be the focus of the lesson.

“It is not our intention to sexualise our children whatsoever,” he said. “Advance notice is given to the parents prior to the teaching of those units and we have reacted on this one particular resource by not using it.”... (Read more)

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