Judge Allows Devin Nunes’ Defamation Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow To Partially Move Forward

Posted 62 days ago


Part of former Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes’s defamation lawsuit against MSNBC host Rachel Maddow can move forward despite NBCUniversal’s efforts to dismiss the suit, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Maddow claimed in March 18, 2021, that Nunes accepted a package from U. S. government-sanctioned Russian agent Andriy Derkach and “refused to hand it over” to the FBI.

Nunes sued NBCUniversal for defamation in August 2021 over three statements she made on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” U. S. Southern District of New York Judge P. Kevin Castel granted NBC Universal’s request to dismiss Nunes’ defamation claims about two statements made by Maddow and part of a third, but allowed the lawsuit to continue over her statement that Nunes “refused” to give the package to the FBI.

Derkach addressed a package to Nunes in December 2019, but Nunes’s staff sent it to the FBI’s offices unopened, with the then-congressman sending then-Attorney General William Barr a letter about the package the same day, according to the lawsuit.... (Read more)