Biden urges Pelosi to stick around after Republicans secure House

Posted 76 days ago


President Biden urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stay in office even as Republicans appear poised to take her position as speaker Tuesday.

Biden called Pelosi after midterm election results started coming in to request that she stay on for his final two years in office. Pelosi has rebuffed questions about her political future, but the 82-year-old is rumored to be considering retirement.

"I hope you stick," Biden is said to have told her in a phone call. "I know it’s family first, but I hope you stick."

While Democrats performed far better than expected in the midterm elections, Republicans still appear to be taking control of the House.

"The Speaker has not made a decision about her future. As the Speaker just stated yesterday on national TV, she will make a decision once all the votes have been counted," said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill. "She’s not even thinking about her future at this moment."... (Read more)