Video shows moment man screams hysterically while fighting squirrel

Posted 4 days ago


Hilarious video shows the moment a remote worker had his conference call interrupted by an uninvited, furry visitor - a rambunctious squirrel that climbed in through his fireplace.

The hysterical clip shows the unidentified man focused on a virtual meeting in his home office, before suddenly jumping up in surprise upon noticing the animal.

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Out of view from a camera recording the action, the squirrel sits at the doorway as the home worker tries to press on with the call, visibly perturbed by the animal's presence.

Seemingly already aware the squirrel had infiltrated his home before spotting the critter, the man in the footage had a baseball bat propped up behind his office chair - and instantly picks it up once the squirrel reveals itself.

However, once armed with the would-be squirrel slayer, the man quickly loses his cool - when the rowdy rodent suddenly jumps onto his desk with unsettling speed.

Hilarity - and chaos - then ensues, as the man lets out a series of high-pitched screams while frantically trying to evict the unwanted house guest with the bat.

'Oh my god! Oh my god' the man screams in the footage posted to TikTok Saturday, letting out a series of shrill shouts as he climbs onto his chair and then desk to avoid the also-scared animal.

The man goes on to alert his wife of the animal's presence with more frantic screams, as he clutches the bat while the squirrel runs amok in his home office.

'Jolie! Jolie!' the man shouts in the 30-second clip, which looks like a scene out of Tom and Jerry - has since garnered more than 1.5million views.

'He's here!' he then yells, suggesting the couple had already been onto their unexpected guest prior to the his recorded appearance.

The TikToker who posted the video, @whoalaureik - who goes by Lauren - noted in a comment that the animal had gained entry to the domicile through the house's chimney.

Her account features two other videos of other close encounters with the man and other squirrels, who seem to have a habit of harassing him in and around his and his wife's home.... (Read more)