Fired NYC teacher rips Mayor Adams for keeping vaccine mandate: 'Why are you holding onto this?'

Posted 4 days ago


A former New York City teacher slammed Mayor Eric Adams after she was fired over her vaccination status, calling the move "personal" as the city fires school employees in droves over the COVID-19 mandate.

Rachelle Garcia, who taught in Brooklyn for 15 years, joined "Fox & Friends First" Tuesday amid reports nearly 2,000 school employees have lost their jobs over the mandate. Garcia was let go after her religious exemption request was denied.

"He's not governing the city as he should," Garcia told co-host Carley Shimkus. "So why is Eric not doing his job? Why is he not letting the city workers back to work? You have teachers willing to go back to work, firefighters, so many city workers are impacted by this greatly."

"People getting homeless," she continued. "Why are you holding on to this? It's like, do you have a personal vendetta against us? Because we chose we made our decision… What is the problem at this point? And it seems personal."... (Read more)