Los Angeles Gascon recall effort fails to make ballot, DA’s opponents say fight not over

Posted 40 days ago


A petition to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón failed to qualify for a ballot, but opponents of the progressive prosecutor say their work is not over.


Kathy Cady, a former Los Angeles deputy district attorney and co-chair of the Recall DA George Gascón campaign, told Fox News the group plans to "exercise its full statutory and legal authority to review the rejected signatures and verification process that took place, and will ultimately seek to ensure no voter was disenfranchised."

"Nonetheless, according to the Registrar-Recorder, over half a million residents placed valid signatures on a petition to initiate the recall of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón," Cady said. "To deprive them of the opportunity to restore public safety in their own communities is heartbreaking. And to interpret this in any other way other than a wholesale rejection of Gascón's dangerous policies would be disingenuous or naive at best."

Cady noted that the more than half a million signatures are in addition to 37 cities voting no confidence in the district attorney, and more than 98% of Gascón's own prosecutors supporting the recall.

"The removal of George Gascón from office has never been a matter of if but when," she said. "The citizens of Los Angeles cannot afford another two years of Gascón unleashing havoc on their streets — people’s lives are at stake."

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said that many of his colleagues and he were "disappointed" that the recall effort failed to meet the required number of signatures but will honor the results of the validation process if they "withstand the scrutiny of an objective review."

"I am gravely concerned about the health and safety of our community and the viability of our entire court system with Gascón at the helm of the District Attorney’s Office for the next two years," McKinney said in a statement. "More than ever, the public needs to pay attention to what the Gascon administration is doing and speak out to other elected officials about their concerns."

Republican candidate for California Attorney General Nathan Hochman said the people of LA will have to continue to "endure the radical policies of George Gascón and (California Attorney General) Rob Bonta that have led to more homelessness and crime than we’ve seen in recent time."

Hochman said a California attorney general is needed to step in to "counter the policies of Gascón and other pro-criminal district attorneys who refuse to address the homeless crisis crippling our cities and the soft-on-crime approach that endangers everyone."... (Read more)