Americans increasingly believe acceptance of trans identity has gone too far: Poll

Posted 44 days ago


An increasing number of Americans say that the country has gone too far in accepting the identities of transgender people.

Thirty-three percent of Americans say society has gone too far in accepting transgender identities, while 35% say the country has not gone far enough to end discrimination against transgender people. Another 25% say that the country has reached a reasonable balance in how it deals with transgender people, according to the results of an NBC News poll released Sunday.

While more people indicated there is still more work to be done to end discrimination, the two percentage point lead represents a 10 point drop since NBC news last asked the question almost a year ago and is within the poll's 3.10% margin of error. In that August 2021 survey, 26% of Americans said the country had gone too far in accepting transgender identities compared to 38% who indicated society needed to do more to end discrimination.

The poll surveyed 1,000 adults between May 5-7 and 9-10.

The poll comes as concerns have been raised that transgender policies have begun playing an outsized role in decision-making, with more than two dozen House Republicans sending a letter to the Department of Homeland Security last month arguing its newly unveiled transgender policy was "ideologically driven" and could pose a threat to national security.

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