Oklahoma Gov. defends strict abortion law, addresses whether 'super liberal' tribal clinics may use loophole

Posted 44 days ago


Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt pushed back against critics of his state's abortion law, which bans abortion when there is a fetal heartbeat, typically six weeks into pregnancy, while recognizing that there is a gaping loophole.

A significant portion of Oklahoma is tribal reservation, and in an interview with "Fox News Sunday" Stitt recognized that tribal members while on tribal grounds do not have to follow state law, and cannot be prosecuted by state officials.

"The tribes in Oklahoma are super liberal," he said, noting that they lobby in Washington, D. C. "Yeah, we think there is a possibility that some tribes may try to set up abortion-on-demand. They think you could be 1/1,000th tribal member and not have to follow the state law, so that's something that we're watching."

Stitt did not have much of a counter to this, however, only stating that "Oklahomans will not think very well of that."

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