Bette Midler blasted for telling moms to ‘Try breastfeeding!’ amid formula shortage

Posted 45 days ago


Bette Midler urged moms to simply “TRY BREASTFEEDING” amid the crippling breast formula shortage — and was widely slammed for the “obtuse” and ignorant comment Friday.

The 76-year-old “Beaches” star was responding to a tweet from MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle Thursday night that declared the “baby formula shortage reveals an amazing secret oligopoly” of three companies owning “90%” of the market.

The Divine Ms. M shot back, “TRY BREASTFEEEDING! It’s free and available on demand,” prompting a firestorm of criticism from parents.

“Bette, respectfully, this is a very bad take,” wrote Ilyse Hogue, the former head of the pro-choice group National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws.

“I had twins. I didn’t produce enough milk for both. Without formula, I would have had to have chosen which one got to eat. To say nothing of kids that get separated from their birth mothers very young.”

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