Pro-Choice Caucus disseminates 'Abortion Messaging' that categorizes the word 'Choice' as 'HARMFUL LANGUAGE'

Posted 3 days ago


The House Pro-Choice Caucus disseminated an "Abortion Messaging" guide to Democrats that lists the term "Choice" under the category of "HARMFUL LANGUAGE," while listing the word "Decision" under the heading of "HELPFUL LANGUAGE."

Instead of saying "Reduce abortion/'safe, legal, and rare,'" the suggested terminology is "Safe, legal, and accessible."

The list categorizes "Conscience clause/protections" under the "HARMFUL LANGUAGE" header, but lists "Refusal of care/denial of care laws" as "HELPFUL LANGUAGE."

In response to a social media post about the messaging list, Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner tweeted, "Pro-Choice Caucus decides its own name is harmful LOL."

"I assume the Pro Choice Caucus will soon be renamed the Pro Decision Caucus? If we're talking language changes, maybe just stop the euphemism game and name yourself the Pro Abortion Caucus. Or even more accurate would be the Pro Dismembering and Poisoning Children Caucus," tweeted Noah Brandt, director of government affairs at the pro-life organization Live Action.

"These ridiculous talking points are good reminder -- the reason why the pro-abortion forces are on their heels now is because for... (Read more)

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