Mississippi news anchor is taken off-air for using Snoop Dogg lyric

Posted 72 days ago


A longtime Mississippi news anchor appears to no longer be employed with the WLBT news team after quoting a Snoop Dogg lyric deemed racially insensitive during an on air broadcast.

Barbie Bassett, a popular anchor and the station's first chief meteorologist in its 50 plus year history, hasn't been seen on the NBC-affiliate station since the March 8 incident. Her bio no longer appears on the company's website.


Bassett's comment was during a segment that was talking about Snoop Dogg's wine company, Cali Wine Collection- and the launch of his Snoop Cali Blanc variety.

Before the broadcast ended, Bassett, who is white, repeated a famous Snoop slang saying, 'Fo shizzle, my [epithet].'

The racial epithet referred to is one for black people.

This latest recent comment comes only four months after she referred to her co-anchor, Cameron Poe's grandmother as 'grandmammy' - a term African-American slaves used for their grandmothers - Poe is black.

At the time, Basset apologized to the viewers and her co-workers for the offensive remark during the October 2022 broadcast, calling it 'insensitive and hurtful' and said she was going to participate in training to 'better understand our history and our people.'

After the firestorm, WLBT Vice President and General Manager Ted Fortenberry issued a statement on social media:  'As I am sure you can understand, WLBT is unable to comment on personnel matters.'

When DailyMail.com contacted the news station for a comment, an on-air employee declined and directed all questions to Grey Media, the news organization that owns WLTB.... (Read more)