Big Apple battens down the hatches ahead of Trump's possible arrest

Posted 79 days ago


The Big Apple is ready to batten down the hatches and mobilize 700 riot cops ahead of former President Donald Trump's anticipated arrest early this week.

State, city and federal law enforcement agencies have been meeting in recent weeks to discuss how to deal with expected widespread protests following Trump's arrest, as his supporters have already started descending on Trump Tower.

The New York Police Department is even considering stationing hundreds of riot cops, fearing that Trump's arrest may cause both MAGA conservatives and anti-Trump protesters to face off outside Manhattan Criminal Court as he is arraigned.

Trump is set to face criminal charges for $130,000 payments his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid to porn star Stormy Daniels towards the end of his 2016 campaign. Prosecutors say the payment violated campaign finance laws, and was made to silence Daniels about an affair she had with the mogul.

Several MAGA fans have now descended on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in a brazen attempt to prevent his arrest.

Representatives from the New York Police Department say they are closely monitoring social media, and are working with federal authorities and other police departments, to assess the size of any protests.

The force may deploy its 'Strategic Response Group,' comprising 700 members trained in 'disaster control.'

And, if necessary, they said, they could escalate the situation by deploying a Level 4 alert — which would put eight cops and one sergeant on standby at every precinct across New York City.

At the same time, authorities may mobilize officers who provide security at the state Supreme Court building in lower Manhattan as they fear both pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters will convene outside of the Manhattan Criminal Court — leading to potential violence.

The NYPD and FBI are also coordinating a contingency plan to deal with an increase in threats to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his staff if some of Trump's more extremist supporters were to target them.

And Secret Service agents in charge of Trump's detail in South Florida, as well as those in New York, are said to be coordinating how they will get Trump into the District Attorney's office through the crowds of protesters and the media.

Part of that discussion, CNN reports, citing people with knowledge of the conversations, included the need to secure an area for a possible press conference outside Trump Tower.

Trump has said he expects to be arrested as early as Tuesday on state charges for the payouts to Stormy Daniels, as he urged his supporters to 'protest, protest, protest.'

Several have already heeded that advice, planning a moat around Mar-a-Lago in South Florida to prevent his arrest while others gathered outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan.... (Read more)