"Top Gun 3" gains plot from Chinese spy balloon takedown

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Posted 42 days ago

"Top Gun 3: F--- that Balloon," one user tweeted.

A suspected Chinese spy balloon caused a stir in the United States last week, leading the Pentagon to authorize a U.S. fighter jet to shoot it down over the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday. Social media was quick to react with humor and excitement, with many referencing the popular "Top Gun" movie franchise. National security analyst Ben Rhodes even commented on the potential for a third installment, saying "at least we have a plot for Top Gun 3."

Adjunct professor Andrew Mark Henry added, "I hope whoever is writing Top Gun 3 is taking notes." President Biden gave the go-ahead to shoot the balloon down on Wednesday, but the Pentagon chose to wait until it reached the Atlantic coast for safety reasons. The recent "Top Gun: Maverick" movie was a big box office success and earned a Best Picture nomination at this year's Oscars.