Pro-abortion students mock, steal from pro-life display

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 43 days ago

A group of pro-abortion students at the University of Vermont have been accused of mocking and stealing from a pro-life display on campus. The Students for Life of America field representative, Savannah Craven, wrote on the organization's website about her experience with the pro-abortion protestors who allegedly took advantage of the confusion and chaos to harass the pro-life students and steal one of their fetal models, as well as the entire SFLA sign-up sheet which had the personal information of interested students.

The harassment and theft fit into a larger pattern of pro-abortion violence in America, which has increased since the leaked Roe v. Wade reversal decision in May. Churches, pregnancy help centers, and other pro-life organizations have been targeted with vandalism, firebombings, and other criminal activity. The incident is being investigated by the University of Vermont's administration.