Trump warns of Chinese espionage in US

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Posted 43 days ago

Former President Donald Trump has issued a warning about China's alleged espionage activities in the United States. In a statement made on Friday, Trump claimed that China has "many thousands of spies working in the United States in business, finance, academia, technology, media, and likely, even government." He went on to criticize President Joe Biden for ending a special initiative at the Department of Justice, which was established by Trump to combat Chinese espionage in the US. Trump has vowed to take action against Chinese espionage in a "very big way" if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

He announced plans to create partnerships with businesses and universities to help protect them from insider threats and impose visa sanctions and travel restrictions to limit Chinese access to American secrets. Trump also referred to China's secret police force on American soil, calling for it to be "shut down cold."