Jeffrey Dahmer's Prison Glasses For Sale At $150k

Posted 62 days ago


Jeffrey Dahmer had a foreboding look, partly because of his eyewear ... and now the shades he wore in prison are up for sale, and they'll go for more than anything at LensCrafters.

Taylor James, who runs Cult Collectibles out of Vancouver, Canada, tells TMZ ... he's willing to part with the serial killer's prison glasses for $150,000.

Dahmer was convicted of 16 murders and sentenced to life in prison back in 1992, but he only lasted a few years behind bars before being beaten to death at the hands of a fellow inmate.

Taylor says he got his hands on the shades a couple years ago, along with a bunch of other Dahmer memorabilia, after being contacted by a former housekeeper for Jeffrey's father, Lionel. Taylor agreed to manage and sell the collection through his website for a portion of the profit.... (Read more)